New York Classical Review: Wang triumphs in all-Rachmaninoff, all-at-once Carnegie marathon

“To perform one Rachmaninoff concerto requires the stamina of a linebacker, the dexterity of a surgeon, and the soul of an artist. To play all four—plus that brilliant joyride, the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini—would seem beyond human capacity. But if anybody could pull it off, Yuja Wang, with her impressively efficient technique and unwavering focus, could.

And she did. Centered and balanced on the bench, with no wasted motion, she delivered and delivered, throughout the program, at the loudest climaxes and the tenderest moments. Her shapely and scintillating fingerwork remained unmatched anywhere, and her way with a phrase brought stabs of emotion. Any one of these concerto performances would have been the highlight of a conventional concert program.”

New York Classical Review