Recital in Sapporo featuring works by Rachmaninoff

On December 4, after a whirlwind few weeks of touring with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Yuja Wang will perform a recital at the Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater in Sapporo, Japan.

On the program is Rachmaninoff’s Études-Tableaux op. 39 in C minor and his 10 Preludes op. 23 in G minor, with further works to be announced. This year, Yuja Wang performed recital tours throughout North America, Europe, and South America, receiving critical acclaim for her interpretations of Rachmaninoff’s  music:

“Wang takes a full-bodied approach to Rachmaninoff, and she renders his textures in multi-dimensional shapes. In the Prelude in G minor, Op. 23, No. 5, her strong left hand figures tethered the march rhythms to the ground.” (The Classical Review)

“Wang’s mastery of technique is so thorough that she makes the super-human seem matter-of-fact. There’s also mercurial intelligence constantly at play in her work. During her most satisfying moments, one can to take her technique for granted and instead focus on what she is doing interpretively: a towering virtuoso, she can make you forget her virtuosity.

The B Minor Prelude, Op. 32, no. 10, was all velvet, dotted-triple rhythms against shifting harmonies, with a middle section of huge pounding triplets that achieved a sudden majesty.” (The Boston Musical Intelligencer)